Stepping Out

A few days ago I informed my wife that I was going to start a new blog.

Her response?

You are not planning on writing about running and only running, right?

No. I have another blog/website dedicated solely to the enjoyment of sweat, tears, and uncontrollable bowel movements in the woods. However, this is site is more of an attempt to fulfill a metaphor, and also a realistic sense of my life.

I am a runner.

I always have been. It is something about the journey. As a child I wallpapered my bedroom with state maps. My favorite computer game was SimCity solely because I was able to build road networks. Favorite subject? Easy, geography. The whole point was the constant obsession of traveling from the present and seeing what the future held. That truly is my life in a nutshell. I was born to constantly move about.

IMAG0115Some days that does take form in strides, steps, and ankle-breaking moves on a pieces of jagged rocks. Other days though; it is the joy and celebration of finally getting all bills caught up after a tumultuous several years in regards to student loans. It is getting married, struggling, and still holding onto to a life partner that will travel along the path with you.

Running is not just the journey of physical movement, it is putting Robert Frost’s words to reality. It is about being curious about how way does lead onto way, and doubting yourself on ever going back to once was.

Running Daugherty is a play on words. If you take my last name and say it as a good Midwestern soul does; it comes out sounding similar to “dirty” or at least “door-tea”. Mix that in with my own life traversing through the pathways of a route of wander and wonder, and it very much is the concept of “running dirty”. Recognizing that there is an adventure, a journey that is to be had. Also accepting that in no way will anyone walk away from these kind of adventures without at least a little dirt on the shoes and sweat on their brow.

The expectation…or the excitement…of this blog is to document, illustrate, and offer conceptual thoughts to the process of life. We are all in our own races, our own runs, and every-so-often in unique circumstances our paths cross. It is those moments where humanity displays hope, people smile, and the world operates under the rule of peace.

I’m sure in many ways this blog will wind up like the show Seinfeld, a blog truly about nothing. Mere ramblings of daily thoughts, a few pictures of the strange place I call home, and just overall questions and observations about my own existence. I’m grateful that God gave us the ability to question and choose; something that places us above the limits of even angels.  That reality in itself is enough to make me want to ensure that my travels count, my footsteps have merit, and my purpose is true.

God designed me to be a runner; right now all He has said is just to go, and reminded me to retie my shoes.


2 thoughts on “Stepping Out

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  1. I love you so much. Gosh, I really do. You make me sad sometimes. That’s okay, though. I and so many, probably everyone who has witnessed you, admire your mere existence. Thank you for being here. Thank you for how extremely wonderful you are. Please never change, it may sound cliche but who you are right now is the one of the best possible versions of what a human could be like. Thank you for always being there.


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